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Message from the President


Our Chapter’s Mission Statement is “To Develop and Advance Women as Leaders in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.”  No matter where we are in our career path, we all need to continue to develop our skills, expertise and network, and advancing women as leaders doesn’t only mean advancing yourself.  Involvement in CREW offers opportunities to learn and benefit from each other, across different segments of the industry and different generations.


In my nearly 30 years in commercial real estate, I have seen the remarkable evolution of both the industry and the role of women in it.  I hope to bring that perspective to our Chapter where I can, to be a mentor to women in the earlier stages of their careers, and to demonstrate to more seasoned professionals the benefits of continued (or renewed) involvement in CREW. I want to continue our successful efforts reaching out to members newer in the industry and also keep the organization relevant for our more seasoned members, in part by giving them opportunities to learn from and be energized by our enthusiastic, altruistic and collaborative younger members – as I have been.   At the holiday party and again at our January luncheon, several past presidents commented on how the Chapter had evolved (in a good way) – the energy and excitement in the room was palpable (I feel it too, at every event)!  I want to get that message out to all of our members and to the larger community. 


Our Chapter is very strong and we have good fundamentals.  So my goal is, don’t fix what’s not broken but always look for ways to create new excitement and energy, enhance efficiencies and add value for members.  To be a vibrant, relevant organization we need to constantly reassess and evolve – keep what works, change what doesn’t, and not be afraid to try something new – something that is equally true for each of us in our individual careers and life in general.  


I have a post-it on my desk with the theme from the Network Convention a few years ago  -- “The REWARDS of RISK – BOLD choices, BIG returns.”  That theme really resonated with me, and in many ways the words on that post-it put me on the path to my current position as President of CREW SF.   There are more and more opportunities available to women all the time – and a lot of them are being created through the work of CREW and its members – but now we need to recognize those opportunities and take them!  I, like many women, have a tendency to opt for security and comfort over risk, to hold back rather than “going for it,” convinced someone else could do the job, make the pitch, or give the speech better.  We all need to vanquish those thoughts, because when we do – and when we “go for it” – the benefit to our careers and to us personally can be so rewarding.  There is no reward without risk. And taking risks with the support of an organization like CREW, with the support, networking and mentoring opportunities and resources it provides, makes that leap into risk a little more comfortable. 


I am so glad I decided to take the advice on that post-it by making a bold choice.  And I am so grateful for the reward of serving as your President.  


Jodi Fedor, 2017 CREW SF President


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