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Transbay Transit Center Tour


By Kena David, BCCI Construction Company


The CREW SF Rising Leaders organized an exclusive tour of the coveted Transbay Transit Center project for CREW SF members. We began the tour with an informative video presentation bringing us back in time to the Transbay Terminal of the past with its connecting trains running across the bay bridge and all the way to Sacramento. In the height of rail travel, about 26 million people used the Transbay Terminal each year. With the rise of the automobile, this changed the Transbay Terminal to a bus only terminal. The growth of the Bay Area could no longer be supported by this bus-only terminal. Along with the current real estate trends for a community-development approach, the Transbay Transit Center project is not just a transit center, but also new commercial high rises, residential units, retail areas, and parks.


To truly understand the magnitude of the project, totaling over 1 million gross square feet, Monique Hawn (Turner Construction) led us to the construction site. Starting on the street level, which will be the retail area and main information center, we could start to understand the vastness of the project which spans 4 city blocks. We toured through the open air bus terminal, throughout the rooftop park, and down to the future rail connection for Caltrain and the high speed rail to Los Angeles. Monique’s tour guiding shed light on how every side of the real estate industry is involved in a project of this magnitude, which is nice for our diverse CREW SF crowd of lawyers, contractors, engineers, construction managers, architects, and sustainability professionals to name a few.


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