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Welcome to CREW San Francisco

Since 1984, CREW SF has been dedicated to changing business’ gender trends and closing the parity gap by giving women in real estate the support, resources and opportunities they need to connect, influence, and lead. As a chapter of CREW Network, CREW SF also provides our members with direct access to 12,000 commercial real estate professionals in 75+ major global markets.



CREW San Francisco is proud to support CREW Network



CREW San Francisco’s support of CREW Network positions our chapter as a leader within the CREW Network business organization. Our financial contribution supports technology upgrades and enhancements to provide members with new ways to connect and network globally and supports the development and expansion of critical network-wide member services offered by CREW Network.

Special thanks to the members and sponsors of CREW San Francisco who are critical to our chapter’s success and enable us to continue this support, which along with support of other chapters, is allowing us to reach more commercial real estate professionals and provide a bigger impact on the industry.

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Our mission

CREW SF’s Mission is “To Develop and Advance Women as Leaders in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.” No matter where we are in our career path, we all strive to continue developing our skills, expertise and network. Advancing women as leaders doesn’t only mean advancing yourself, but also promoting and elevating others. Involvement in CREW offers opportunities to learn and benefit from each other, across different segments of the industry and multiple generations.

We have the opportunity and the obligation given the state of the world to be a part of a larger purpose. Join us as we create and reflect a community where ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) integrates with our industry to make a difference in all aspects of our work and life. Our programming takes into account: principles for responsible investment; sustainability and climate change in the built community; and social concerns, including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Our chapter’s governance structure is designed to enable leaders to build skills that will increase their chance of serving on the boards of other non-profit and corporate organizations.

Our history

Talking about the CREW-Volution!

When CREW SF was founded in 1984, women in commercial real estate were ready for a revolution. Educated, motivated, and ready to “do the deal,” a number of professionals realized what was missing in their quest for success: contacts, referrals, and camaraderie—all essential ingredients in the business dealings of their male counterparts. And they saw opportunities beyond a “good ol’ boys” redux; CREW SF’s founders looked to the diverse professions that touched commercial real estate and invited them to be part of the evolution of how business is done.

Our Initiatives

Business Networking

Facilitating business networking and deal making among our multi-disciplinary membership is the cornerstone of our organization. We deliver impactful networking opportunities including three Leadership Summits and the CREW Network Convention and Marketplace annually. Members also have exclusive access to our CREWbiz technology platform, which serves as a membership directory, resource and referral center, personal marketing tool and app.

Industry Research

CREW Network is the world’s leading researcher on women in commercial real estate. Our industry research produces white papers annually and a benchmark study every five years, delivering data and action items to advance women in commercial real estate and positively impact the industry.

Leadership Development

Building effective leaders is key to advancing the commercial real estate industry. We dedicate significant resources to providing our members with high-level leadership development training and opportunities to serve on global boards and committees to develop and hone applicable leadership skills.

Career Outreach

CREW Network and our Foundation are committed to bringing more women into commercial real estate by creating programs that educate women and girls about the career opportunities available to them, supporting college-level commercial real estate education through scholarships, and providing mentorships to those new to the industry.

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