The Island City Tour

October 6, 2017
Written by: By Christina Rain, P.E., Project Manager, Langan

On 1 August 2017, CREW’s San Francisco and East Bay Chapters co-hosted a successful tour of the City of Alameda, in which over 85 members and guests were shuttled around “The Island City” to learn about real estate development occurring in the area. City of Alameda representatives served as tour guides, relying on their in-depth knowledge of the City as it exists today and their varying roles guiding the vision for Alameda as the Bay Area’s Island of Innovation.

At the tour’s first stop, 1700 Harbor Bay Parkway, we were met by Dhruv Patel, who announced plans to build a new hotel at the property (see photo – left). In the photo (right), Debbie Potter, Community Development Director for the City of Alameda, can be seen speaking about Alameda Landing, the tour’s second stop, where CREW members and guests enjoyed views to Jack London and discussed challenges related to stabilizing the shoreline of the property.

The tour concluded with our third and final stop at Building 9, where Ron Silberstein, Admiral Maltings co-founder, and Joe Ernst, SrmErnst founder, welcomed us inside the Building 9 commercial spaces, taught us about malt production at the planned Admiral Maltings, and presented the space for Almanac Beer Company’s future brewery.

Continuing with the theme of craft beer, the tour concluded with a networking event at a local-favorite, Faction Brewing, where we enjoyed good company, good brews, and good eats.