Member Spotlight - Kristy Dutch

February 11, 2019

Kristy Dutch
Marketing Director
Pfau Long Architecture, Ltd.

CREW SF Member Spotlight

Social Media:

Twitter: @pfaulong and @KristyDutch
Instagram: pfau_long_architecture
Professional Background:
I have been in the Marketing/Communications industry for 19 years and in the A/E/C industry for 17 years. I began my career in communications during the first boom working for a PR agency based in Silicon Valley specializing in high-tech public relations. My experience includes leading communications efforts from public relations to social media as well as managing a firm’s external messaging and branding efforts. As the marketing director for Pfau Long Architecture, I oversee all the firm’s marketing efforts and project pursuits. One of my favorite parts about working in commercial real estate and the A/E/C industry is the opportunity to connect people and firms. 
CREW SF Background:
I joined CREW SF in 2016 because I wanted to connect and get to know more professional colleagues in the industry. As soon as I joined CREW SF, I went to check out a Communications Committee meeting which was a natural fit for me. I volunteered to be the PR liaison for the committee because I appreciate the crucial role of PR in a communications strategy. I jumped into committee work with both feet, leading a search for a new PR consultant after our last consultant moved. After a few months, I volunteered to take on a Vice Chair role with the thought of perhaps eventually taking on the role of Chair of Communications. However, the role of Chair needed filling immediately and Stacie (Goeddel) and Angie (Sommer) convinced me to take on the Chair position even though I thought I didn’t have enough CREW SF-specific experience. The rest, as they say, is history.
How did you move up in your career and what advice do you have for women who wish to advance in their jobs?
Advice: Find a mentor. You can find a mentor organically (e.g., the relationship naturally develops) or enroll in a formal mentorship program like CREWmates. I have had informal mentors and participated as a mentee and mentor for a mentorship program. Ideally, you want to identify someone you admire who is very skilled at an area in which you’d like to improve.
I’d also recommend making continual learning a priority. If you can, always take an opportunity to learn something new or take a second look at your current approach. There are continual learning opportunities in a variety of different industry-related programs, panels, seminars and conferences. If it is too hard to get out of the office, consider reading a book or taking a webinar that explores a topic you’d like to learn.
What advice do you want to give a prospective CREW SF member?
Jump in with both feet! Check out the all the committees and consider joining a committee. One of the best parts about being in a CREW SF leadership role is that there are quarterly leadership programs in a small setting with the Boards, Chairs and Vice Chairs. In addition, attend luncheons and any other programs that look interesting to you because this will help foster the relationships you’ve developed with other CREW SF members.
What do you like to do on the weekends?
I like to spend the weekends with my family. We have been taking a lot of walks with our dog at Ocean Beach recently. We also try to go for a bike ride together, weather permitting. And we love to go for dim sum, a family favorite.
What’s a fun fact that you’d like to share about yourself?
I love to cook and travel. When I was 12, I flew to by myself to visit a friend I met in school who moved back to Japan. When I was 15, I flew to Greece by myself to visit another friend who had moved back to Greece. My favorite vacations with my husband were to Nicaragua and Paris. Recent favorite family vacation spots were Puerta Vallarta and London.