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July 19, 2019
Join CREW SF in supporting the CREW Network Foundation and reaching our trifecta goal by the 2019 CREW Conference on August 31! The SF chapter has already accomplished two of three requirements to reach our goal: 100% Board participation and total Chapter donations totaling over $8,700. We need YOUR help to reach the third requirement to have at least 50% of our membership donate! 

Foundation Champion ribbons will be on attendees name tags for all CREW events for the rest of 2019. As a special gift, those who contribute at least $50 will receive a crystal CREW pin to show off at events and at the Conference.

Pay it forward and help us support women in commercial real estate through CREW Network Foundation.

Established in 1998, CREW Network Foundation is the only organization dedicating its resources
solely towards transforming the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally.

Benjamin Osgood

Gabrielle Tierney

Suzette Torres

Heather Trimble

Michelle Clanton

Cady Lee

Katherine Mattes

Lesley Mattos

Rhonda L. Bennon

Ellen Blattel

Deborah Ann Odier

Heather Trimble

Kristin Paul

Larklyn Milstein

Lada Kochervosky

Nathan Boyd

Remy Behl

Melinda Weston

Karen Alschuler

Kathi Antonson

Andrea Beard

Ginger Bryant

Karen Chin

Lori Coleman

Valerie Concello

Kena David

Courtney Davis

Marianne Quarre Dean

Alicia Deschamps

Karla Deshon

Terri Emery

Laura Engen

Tina Essegian

Katy Faix

Rhonda Felicity

Katie Fraher

Melinda Ginsburg

Stacie Goeddel

Jolene Goldsmith

Leizl Hinajon

Molly Jans

Vicky Jay

Katelyn Jeffcoat

Michelle Jones

Sylvia Kwan

Anne Marie Lesevic

Karen Letteney

Samantha Low

Nancy Lundeen

Danielle McCombs

Catherine Meng

Inga Miller

Maryam Miri

Ann Natunewicz

Kristina Owyoung Vinson

Jennifer Raike

Andrea Reeder

Crystal Roseberry

Adair Rosin

Tillie Ross

Shannon Santana

Linda Schmid

Dana Seabury

Kayla Shirakhon

Angie Sommer

Katelyn Surprenant

Sharon Taplin

Liz Thelen-Torres

Amy Watson

Angela Wu

Susan Yau

Denise Yee

Sarah Mergy

Kimberley Beal

Samantha Beatty

Carla Bernal

Karolina Bufka

Aisling Cassidy

Jen Chan

Ana Crane

Elizabeth Creger

Ana Cruz

Kristy Davis

Patricia Davisson

Paula DeLiso

Kara DiBiasio

Tu-Uyen Do

Kristy Dutch

Cori English

Tracy Everwine

Jodi Fedor

Sheena Fitzpatrick

Greg Fogg

Rebecca Freed

Brittany Fulks

Suman Gera

Laurie Gustafson

Megan Hemmerle

Catherine House

Erica Hurd

Mary Kay Kennedy

Jody Knight

Piper Kujac

Maja Kunzi

Christina Kyrillou

Kristina Lawson

Rebecca Lee

Amy Lehman

Debbie Leifer

Ivy Lui

Arami Matevosyan

Christine McVay

Rita Meehan

Constance Moore

Jacqueline Morino

Ann Natunewicz

Shelley Norman

Karin Payson

Jennifer Pechacek

Shawna Peterson

Kim Pipkin

Deborah Quok

Jacqueline Robinson

Helene Sautou

Lauren Savett

Donna Schumacher

Kara Stein

Valeria Tyndall

Nichole Wiley

Lisa Zahner

Sima Zareh




 CREW Network Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) organization. 
Contributions are deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.