CREW SF Success Story

January 31, 2020
Molly Jans; Jacqui Robinson
Andrea Reeder; Michelle Jones
One of the main objectives of CREW SF is to develop and advance women as leaders in the commercial real estate industry by fostering an environment dedicated to helping fellow members succeed. Our Success Story series seeks to shine a light on the impact CREW SF members are making by showcasing real connection stories from real members. From students to seasoned professionals, CREW SF aims to benefit the careers of its members and the broader CRE industry. 

Property/Project Location:
388 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
Key Parties/CREW Members:
General Contractor -      Molly Jans
Director of Operations, Paradigm General Contractors
Property Manager - Jacqui Robinson
Senior Property Manager, Madison Marquette
Leasing Broker -      Andrea Reeder
Senior Vice President, Beacon Capital Partners (Formerly Vice President at CBRE)
Architect -                  Michelle Jones
RIM Architects, Managing Principal – Western Region

388 Market Street/One Pine Street, a 26-story, mixed-use flatiron skyscraper located at the intersection of San Francisco’s Financial District, touts 263,280 square feet of office space (appealing to both professional services and open plan creative workspace users) and 63 residential apartments. The building was originally completed in 1986 and the fresh and modern feel of the space described below can be largely attributed to the collaboration of several talented CREW SF members.

During her time as the leasing broker of this location, Andrea Reeder made the recommendation to move forward with updates to the space to increase tenant and resident retention and attract new prospects to the building. The building owner agreed to build out a move-in ready spec suite to attract potential tenants, and Andrea reached out to fellow CREW board member, Molly Jans, for recommendations. Already familiar with the space, having completed various other tenant improvement projects and having served on CREW SF committees with Jacqui Robinson and Michelle Jones, Molly suggested RIM Architects as an apt project partner to take on the task. RIM presented a compelling design and was later awarded the project.

RIM Architects designed the space with a fresh and modern feel and the plan was in motion.  Once drawings were finalized, the project went out to bid and Paradigm General Contractors was awarded the job to construct the space, with Molly serving as Project Manager. As Senior Property Manager, Jacqui coordinated schedules, access into neighboring tenant space when required, contractor insurance and job walks ensuring building protocols were followed. The team’s collective hard work resulted in numerous pre-leased units. Throughout the buildout, Molly and her team diligently juggled to accommodate changes based on requests from the new tenant, all while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency, client service and quality craftsmanship. The project completed at the end of November and the tenants moved in on December 1.

The RIM/Paradigm team has continued to redesign and renovate additional spaces within the building to attract tenants from diverse industries and retain their strong existing tenant roster.


What advice do you have for members seeking to expand their own business?

Jacqui: Never hesitate to reach out to fellow CREW members to lend their expertise to your project. You’ll always have a receptive ear when you pick up the phone and that connection is invaluable. This has been a fun project because the players genuinely like each other and we enjoy working as a team.

Michelle: Always consider a CREW member when referring others. We are here to support each other in our businesses and professional growth. We enjoy working together and engage with a team spirit to support each other throughout the project.

Molly: There’s no end to the talent and support that comes with joining the CREW network. The comradery shared by our members stems from a passion of helping one another succeed and trust in each other’s capable abilities to get the job done.

Andrea: Remember there is no such thing as a cold call in CREW. When you build trust and credibility with your fellow CREW members, you will have a powerful network that you can tap into for any professional need.

What haven’t we asked that you think we should know?

Jacqui: Get involved and start growing those relationships! It’s much more fun working with friends and learning new perspectives from a person you trust, and it provides a win-win environment.

Michelle: It never hurts to ask another CREW member for business. You don’t get what you don’t ask for! We are in this together to help each other.

Molly: Let relationships grow and strengthen organically. The more you get to know your network, the easier it will be to find the right contacts for your business needs. The reward of working with your trusted contacts makes it worth all the time and effort.

Andrea: In my 15 years in CREW, you get what you give. If you are genuinely looking for ways to help your CREW counterparts, they will do the same for you. And remember to play the long game, it takes a long time to establish and build lasting, trusting relationships.