Member Spotlight - Danielle McCombs

February 25, 2020
Written by: Danielle McCombs
Danielle McCombs
Senior Business Development Associate
Social Media:
Instagram: @danimc23 and @theoppositeofsmalltalk

Professional Background:
I started my career in New York working for an affordable housing lender, The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC). While working at CPC, I attended NYU to obtain my Masters in Real Estate from the Schack School. After 9 years at CPC, I moved to Meridian Capital Group where I closed over 220 mortgage transactions totaling over $2.2 Billion. In 2016, I was recruited to San Francisco to work at a commercial real estate start up called Plum, Inc. I love being on the West Coast and have recently started at CBRE with the Multifamily Debt & Structured Finance group. My new role in business development allows me to bring together both my interpersonal skills and my experience with commercial mortgage finance.

CREW SF Background:
I’ve been a member of CREW for over six years, transferring from the NY chapter to CREW SF when I moved in 2016. Joining CREW SF was an amazing way to meet people in my new city, while also developing my leadership skills. I’ve held a variety of leadership roles such as liaison to the Rising Leaders committee, Director for Networking & Tours, Vice- chair and now Chair of the Programs committee. Being so involved has helped me to have an impact on the events we offer our members.


How did you move up in your career at and what advice do you have for women who wish to advance in their jobs?

Taking advantage of getting a formal education in Real Estate is something that has helped me in more ways that I would have thought. Going to school while working in the industry really gave me a hands-on education, which allowed me to relate my job in finance to the industry as a whole.

What advice do you want to give a new CREW SF member?
Get involved. The more you put into the organization the more you get out of it. Go to all the events that you can, join a committee, don’t be shy.

What has been the highlight during your membership with CREW SF?
I was the recipient of one of the scholarships that CREW SF provided to be a part of the CREW Network Leadership Certificate program. I attended the first of three sessions in January. I learned so much about leadership presence and met a great group of women from across the country. I am very excited for the next two sessions to continue my growth as a leader.

How has CREW SF benefited you personally and/or professionally?
CREW SF has benefited me in so many ways. It provided a place to meet people in a new city and a venue to develop as a leader. I have made some of my closest friends from CREW, and it has been so helpful in making SF feel like home. Members of CREW SF were also integral in helping me find a new job opportunity. The CREW network is strong, and I was overwhelmed by the willingness of people to support and recommend me for positions and connect me with the right people. I would not be at CBRE today without CREW SF.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy travel - international and local. I have enjoyed exploring California since moving here, especially wine country.

What’s a fun fact that you’d like to share about yourself?
I have recently started hosting a podcast called “The Opposite of Small Talk” with my friend Kristy from college. The Opposite of Small Talk is a podcast for curious people who know there is no one right answer for how to live your best life. We share ideas that help our listeners grow professionally and personally. It has been a very fun experience and the support that I have received from my fellow CREW members has been incredible.