Member Spotlight - Courtney Davis

April 14, 2020
Written by: Courtney Davis
Courtney Davis
Senior Project Manager
Sares Regis Group of Northern California
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Professional Background:
After a 10-year career as an attorney focusing on water law, natural resources permitting, and land use law, in mid-2019 I left the practice of law to pursue a new career in real estate development. At Sares Regis, I work in our Commercial Division and focus on large scale office development. Drawing on my legal background, I guide our clients in navigating the entitlements and permitting process for ground up developments.

CREW SF Background:
  • Joined March 2016
  • Programs Committee - Liaison to the Communications Committee, 2016-2017
  • Governance Committee, 2017
  • Programs Committee, Chair/Vice Chair – 2017-2018
  • Board Member – 2019-2020
    • Director, Communications, 2019
    • Director, Rising Leaders, 2020
How did you move up in your career at and what advice do you have for women who wish to advance in their jobs?
My advice to advance in your career is to be vocal about your goals and aspirations for advancement. Clearly articulating your desire to advance will, hopefully, open up a candid conversation with your manager about your path to advancement and when and how that might occur. Being vocal is also more likely to ensure you are top of mind when leadership at your company is looking for someone to step into a leadership role or to take on a special project that will facilitate further advancement of your career.

What do you like most about your job and/or industry?
I love the complexity of the projects on which I get to work. I thrive on the collaboration and problem solving that is required to plan, entitle, and build complex developments projects.

What advice do you want to give a new CREW SF member?
Put yourself out there by joining a committee or striking up a conversation with a stranger at a networking event. The biggest benefit of CREW is the network you can build, but you have to meaningfully engage in the organization in order to build that network and then reap its benefits.

What has been the highlight during your membership with CREW SF?
The people and the relationships I have formed. I have met people with jobs that span the breadth of the commercial real estate industry and am always learning from them. I have also met some terrific people who I now consider friends.

How has CREW SF benefitted you personally and/or professionally?
CREW SF has given me an outlet for growth in areas that my job does not provide while also allowing me to support a mission near and dear to me, advancing women professionally.