Member Spotlight - Terri Emery

June 3, 2020
Written by: Terri Emery
Terri Emery
Senior Project Architect
Professional Background:
I have worked at FORGE (formerly FME Architecture + Design) since 1982. Though we are based in San Francisco, many of my current and former projects are in the East Bay. I work primarily in the architectural department on both spec and build-to-suit, ground up new construction for developer clients, and am often fortunate to oversee the design of site development, building shell and interior design aspects of a project. In the last five years I’ve had the opportunity to experience new challenges with adaptive reuse of historic buildings, including three amazing structures at Alameda Point.
CREW SF Background:
  • Joined 2012
  • Programs Committee: Chair/Vice Chair - 2013 - 2016
  • Governance Committee: 2017
  • Community Affairs: Chair 2017 - 2018
  • Board Member: Director, Membership, 2019 - 2020 
What do you like most about your job and/or industry?  
Every project presents a new set of challenges, so there is virtually unlimited opportunity to exercise problem solving skills and creativity. Also, every project involves multiple disciplines that need to work together to be successful. I once asked my FORGE team, “What is the most rewarding project you have ever worked on and why?” The responses were universal. The best projects were not about design prominence or awards won. They were the best because of the relationships made with the project team.
What advice do you want to give a new CREW SF member?  
Short answer … get involved! Similar to a development project, the greatest rewards and lasting relationships come from working together and supporting each other.
How has CREW SF benefitted you personally and/or professionally?  
Like most CREW members, I joined the organization to expand my professional network. What I did not anticipate was how much it would expand my personal connections with people of all ages and backgrounds, many of which will be life lifelong friendships.