Brainstorm Session: CREW SF discussion on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Formation of our New Environmental, Social, Governance Platform

July 16, 2020
Written by: Molly Jans
CREW SF, in collaboration with CREW Network, is working to elevate the topics of Diversity/Equity/Inclusion. This brainstorming session will be a platform to discuss and make impact in areas of Environmental, Social and Governance. Many of you have expressed interest into how to make our CREW SF Mission Statement “To Develop and Advance Women as Leaders in the Commercial Real Estate Industry” not just relevant but visionary into what equitable leadership means.
We are asking for your input and will be putting together a brainstorm session in the near future (July) to capture the brain power of YOU, our Members.
What we are asking you to do now is make this a topic in your committee meetings within the next month and start gathering ideas for how we move forward.
Some starter ideas could include:
  • Community outreach including deepening our work with CREW SF outreach partner Girls Inc. of Alameda County
  • Conscious recruiting of diverse students in our UCREW efforts
  • Recruiting strategic advisors of BIOPC
  • Meaningful conversations on social justice and antiracism
  • Sustainability
  • Universal design
  • SF Housing Affordable Housing Development
  • Bridging socio-economic gaps
  • Planning for all-inclusive cities
  • Creating alliances with community action groups
As Immediate Past President and Chair of the Governance Committee I am proud of the reasons we have all become a part of CREW SF and look forward to the opportunities we will make together to continue our Mission and create a space for all to be included and encouraged to grow.
Be well,
Molly Jans