Exec Connect Speakers (3/19, 4/16, 5/21)

January 24, 2022
Exec Connect is a virtual career exploration and networking event with a particular career track focus. Girl Scouts is looking for speakers to speak with 8-12th graders about their career experiences. Some examples of professions the youth may be interested in hearing from is noted below.  The lists are not limited to these topics and open to relevant experience that isn't captured there.

The interest form for potential speakers to fill is here: https://forms.gle/1sCfbiZMUn23qu6k7

Exec Connect: Entrepreneurship
Saturday, 3/19/2022, 1:00pm 2:30pm
Looking for speakers with experience running their own businesses, founding non-profits or community groups, folks with marketing experience and masters of the "elevator pitch."

Exec Connect: Justice
Saturday, 4/16/2022, 1:00pm 2:30pm
Looking for speakers with experience in social justice causes, social workers, law (attorneys/legal analysts), criminal justice/forensics.

Exec Connect: Mental Health
Saturday, 5/21/2022, 1:00pm 2:30pm
Looking for speakers in mental health fields such as psychologists/psychiatrists, school counselors, certified peer specialists, crisis counselors, mental health advocates.