2023 President's Message

February 13, 2023
Written by: Kristy Dutch
Kristy Dutch, CPSM
Marketing Director, Senior Associate
President’s Welcome Letter

Welcome to 2023 with CREW SF! I am honored to serve as your Chapter President and look forward to building meaningful connections with you this year. While Covid has disrupted our plans in the past few years, this year is a huge opportunity for our chapter to re-establish its brand as a leading CRE organization and further CREW’s mission to advance women in commercial real estate industry globally. My 2023 goals for our chapter include:
  • Increased Member Engagement: The pandemic did a number on us as humans, and as a Chapter. As we take our next steps into the future, we must continue to evaluate how we must work and live post-pandemic. Fortunately, CREW SF is offering more in-person events to serve as places for our community to connect with each other and engage with our chapter.
  • Get Back to Our Roots: CREW was ultimately founded based on the idea that when women do business together, we lift each other & our businesses up. Every event will begin with each of our members taking the floor to introduce themselves and share what business they’re looking to give and to receive. This will help foster relationships among CREW SF members and promote member to member connections.
  • Quality Programs: We will offer timely and dynamic programs to allow our members to learn and meet local CRE leaders. Our committees are planning a unique mix of events ranging from lunchtime panels, leadership development programs, project tours and fun events to mix & meet. We will also host our popular Golf 101 and Tournament this summer! Stay in touch by following us on LinkedIn, Instagram and our Thursday Newsletter!
  • Enhance CREW SF’s visibility and prominence in the San Francisco Commercial Real Estate Industry: We want CREW SF Members to be the “go-to” resources in the CRE Industry. This enhances our brand and attracts new members to our organization. We will strive to do this by nominating CREW SF members for awards and showcasing their expertise as resources to the local media, especially SF Business Times, the Registry and Bisnow. We will also spotlight our members via our chapter’s social media channels.
  • Meet Network’s Trifecta Challenge to support the Network Foundation: Network’s Foundation is a non-profit which enables us to provide college scholarships to women who are studying CRE, allows us to research topics crucial to our field, increase awareness about different types of careers in CRE, and ultimately attract more women to our industry. Members can start by helping our Chapter meet the Trifecta by donating to CREW Network Foundation. Click here to support Foundation and help us meet our goal!
  • Advancement and Development Opportunities for Our Members: We will continue offering scholarships for Network Convention, Network Emerging Leaders Program, Network’s Leadership Certificate programs and various Leadership Summits offered by Network. This helps our chapter in two different ways: developing our members’ leadership skills and connecting us with CREW Network.
  • DEI, ESG and Inclusivity: Working to achieve gender Equity & Inclusion in the workplace has been a cornerstone of CREW’s mission. We are expanding our commitment to continuously incorporate Diversity and shape the future identity of CREW SF. We promise to apply a DEI lens to all programming and will seek ways to promote & celebrate the diversity of our members.
The potential for our community in 2023 is enormous and I look forward to working with you to unleash the power of CREW SF on our industry and San Francisco. I challenge you to engage in CREW as much as you can: attend our events as possible, connect with other members for ways to help each other, ask questions, and consider joining a committee—there are multiple ways to engage with CREW SF!

This is my CREW, your CREW and our CREW SF. Cheers to a fabulous 2023 for all of us!