Member Spotlight - Anna Swartz-Lopez

July 27, 2022
Written by: Anna Swartz-Lopez
Anna Swartz-Lopez
Commercial Mortgage Banker
Slatt Capital
Social Media:
Growing up I was incredibly shy, and meeting new people was a terrifying experience. When I was eight, my family moved to a small town in Northern California, a place where everybody knew everybody. Because I was so shy, I never connected with my peers and always felt like an outsider. I pushed off this sense of isolation and decided I would build a life for myself that was bigger and better than what I saw around me. Through this, I’ve learned that building wealth through real estate is the best way to achieve financial independence – the kind of independence that allows people to live life on their own terms. This is why I love working with real estate investors. I facilitate wealth building by serving as an intermediary between investors and lenders and help investors get funding they couldn’t access on their own.
CREW SF Background:
I continue to be impressed with the way members of the organization take time to answer questions, provide support and encourage other members. Through CREW, I have connected with industry leaders that, as a young professional, I know I would not have been able to access on my own. I have also traveled to industry events in other locales and connected with CREW members. The organization really brings together women in the industry and allows us to make each other stronger.
I joined CREW SF at the end of 2021, right as we began pulling out of the pandemic. The energy and care that members take for each other stands, in my mind, as the defining feature of CREW in general, and CREW SF in particular. I have jumped in with both feet and am happy to have the opportunity to be the Vice Chair for the Membership Committee next year.