Understanding the Virtual Workforce

Date July 27, 2020
Location Zoom
Time 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Registration closed.
In most organizations, large numbers of people are working from home because of the pandemic. A lot of anecdotal feedback and some more targeted research suggests things are going well – certainly much better than might have been expected, given the reluctance of many managers and organizations to embrace virtual working for anyone other than those who could really make a case for not working full time in the office.
The challenge going forward is to ensure that people continue to thrive, wherever they are working. Rather than “in office” or “virtual”, we should be thinking of simply how they work, and what best supports them in their endeavors. To this end, we need to know what activities and practices deliver best performance from teams and communities of people. 
This interactive session will reveal discoveries of research critical to the team performance. These elements are important to understand, whether you are leading and managing the virtual workforce, or designing for one. Participants will take away ideas that can be implemented within their team immediately, making the session highly practical and relevant to the current situation.
PS: This will be an interactive session. Please keep your smartphone accessible to participate in activities.
Featured speakers

Karen Plum, Director of Research & Development, AWA - based in the UK
Jane Doe

Karen has worked with AWA for 22 years as a change management consultant working with a wide variety of clients. She supports AWA’s Advanced Workplace Institute – a peer to peer membership network which helps people responsible for delivering the workplace to discover and embrace different approaches. Part of the AWI’s remit is to be constantly curious in search of practical ideas based as far as possible on workplace science.

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Anne Balle, Senior Associate, AWA - based in Denmark
Jane Doe

Anne is an experienced change management consultant and has worked with a wide array of municipalities, ministries and private companies (both small local and large global).

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Tanisha Krishnan, Associate, AWA  - based in London, UK
Jane Doe

Tanisha is an accomplished Workplace Analyst. She is an Architect by training and has worked on a variety of commercial, residential and industrial projects.

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