Signature Event - Creating Certainty with Katie Grimes

Date September 30, 2020
Location Zoom
Time 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Registration closed.  


Increase your confidence and certainty to get massive results in your life
  • Are you feeling unclear about what your passion and purpose is in your life?
  • Are you wondering what’s going to happen next for you?
  • Are you wanting to be further along than you are?
If you’re the kind of person who is a high-achiever and value personal development, this is an
event you won’t want to miss!
Join CREW as we take this interactive, virtual event to the next level with a dynamic
speaker, Katie Grimes who will have you fired up to take massive action in your life and
know for certain what YOU need and why YOU want it.

$35 for Members | $50 for Non-members | Zoom info can be found on your registration confirmation
Featured speaker

Katie Grimes, International Sober Dating Coach
Jane Doe

Katie Grimes is an International Sober Dating Coach - she is the go to girl to increase your confidence and have an outstanding love life. Katie specializes in helping people think thoughts, feel feelings and take actions that inspire you to live a life you love (with the people you love.)

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