Benefits & Qualifications

By joining CREW SF and the entirety of CREW Network, you are advancing your career and supporting the success of women in commercial real estate.


The power of CREW SF is the contribution of hundreds of professionals with a limitless supply of talent, motivation and spirit ready to make it happen.

Are you ready? Join CREW SF and:

  • Connect and network with other real estate professionals.
  • Take advantage of an array of business and social events to expand business contacts, strengthen relationships and build camaraderie with other successful real estate professionals.
  • Access industry gurus at CREW SF’s monthly events. Through programs, site tours and informal roundtables, CREW SF’s events feature real estate trends and development projects in our area, as well as career advancement.
  • Stay informed about current trends and issues affecting our industry.
  • Develop and promote yourself within the industry through a variety of speaking and writing opportunities with CREW SF.
  • Hone leadership skills by joining a CREW SF committee or serving as a board member.
  • Keep an eye on your next career move and discover up-and-coming talent through networking with other CREW SF members.
  • Enlist the commitment and drive of every CREW member in North America for referrals, advice and expertise, through the comprehensive CREW Network membership directory.
  • Build business on a national scale through CREWBiz and at the CREW Network Convention.
  • Enjoy discounts on CREW events and other products and services.
  • Showcase your company and increase your company’s visibility through sponsorship opportunities.


Membership levels are based on career experience in a qualified field of commercial real estate (QFCRE).

We encourage all industry professionals with experience in one of the QFCREs to apply:

  • Full: Full time professional with 5+ years' experience in a QFCRE
  • Associate: Same as above, with 2-5 years' experience
  • *Student: Mandatory to be active committee members and need to volunteer at all events they attend to be continuous active CREW SF members
  • Affiliate: Full time professional who supplies services or products to professionals working in a QFCRE
  • Retired: 5+ year's experience; retired full-time from employement


  • Full year dues - $390 dues + $40 non-refundable application fee. 
    • Undergraduate Student dues $105 | Graduate Student dues $210. 
    • Retired dues $160
  • Prorated dues start June 15 (2022) - $215 dues + $40 non-refundable application fee.
    • Students, $120 + application fee. 
  • All memberships expire December 31st each year and dues are non-transferable and non-refundable.  

Questions about your eligibility for membership?
Click here for Membership Committee contact information.

Membership Application